China Institute for Reform and Development (CIRD), established on November 1, 1991, is a public research institution focusing on reform and development policy research. CIRD was ranked as the most influential Chinese non-governmental think tank and the 10th Chinese think tanks by comprehensive influence for two consecutive years in 2013 and 2014. 

  Reform Research 

  Taking “recommending on China reform” as its bounden duty, CIRD has dedicated itself to independent and forward-looking research around important, difficult and hot reform topics, and has made great efforts to facilitate reform policy decision-making by submitting research and policy recommendation reports to relevant policy-making bodies. It has also organized various academic activities including International Forum on China Reform and regular experts’ consultative workshops on China’s reforms.  

  Policy Consulting 

  Equally dedicated to reform consulting services for the central and provincial government, CIRD has been commissioned with various reform consulting projects including drafting master plan for the 12th Five-year Plan, by a number of ministries and provincial-level governments. 

  Policy Impact 

  Many of CIRD’s policy recommendations and research reports have been used as reference for drafting government documents, including the decision of the 3rd plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC; and many of its publications have been used as training materials for government officials at different levels. Because of its fore-seeing policy research on China’s economic reform, CIRD’s chief research fellow, Prof. Chi Fulin, has been frequently invited to experts consultative meetings chaired by top Chinese leaders, has been invited to give speech at the CPPCC National Committee for four consecutive years, to give speeches/lectures for senior officials at various ministries including Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in many provinces. Prof. Chi is also an advisor for drafting the 13th Five-year Plan at National Development and Reform Commission, one of the most important ministry at the central government level. Prof. Chi and other senior research fellows have been frequently asked to write articles for major Chinese newspapers and Prof. Chi is in the top interviewee list regarding China’s economic reform for most of the major media journalists.  

  International Cooperation 

  With the support of the government, CIRD has played a marked role in promoting academic exchanges on reform between China and other countries/regions by implementing a large number of multilateral and bilateral international cooperation projects, and has established academic exchanges with research institutions of more than 20 countries/regions. From 2014, CIRD has been organizing/co-organizing high-level China-EU Reform Forum and China-EU Forum with its European counterparts. 

  Education & Training 

  As one of the first national training bases for China’s systematic reform, CIRD has devoted itself to training reform specialists with international outlook. It has offered a large number of training and education programs such as tailor-made reform training programs for government officials, executive programs for senior business managers, Ph. D program in reform research, EMBA, International MBA and Master Degree Program in Service Economics. 


  Besides publishing annual reports on China’s reforms every year, CIRD has published more than 280 volumes of reform research publications. It has also been running a specialized website, which has become an important platform offering reform updates and promoting online discussions of reforms.