Brief Introduction to Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR)

As one of Norway's environmental research institutes, NIBR uses its expertise in the social sciences to promote integrated, knowledge-based approach to environmental challenges and issues associated with economic growth.

Research activities

Urban and regional research is an international field of study, and NIBR is actively involved in international research in the institute's target areas. The international relations are extensive, and commitments growing steadily.

NIBR works with partners in each of the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe. The commitment to developmental research and research partnerships has resulted in institutional and research partnerships with several university and research centers in Asia, Africa, Eastern and Central Europe.


NIBR has sixty-five researchers who span the social sciences and planning disciplines: sociology, political science, economy, demography, anthropology, geography, architecture, engineering and land-use planning.

NIBR is a private foundation. Most of its income is derived from national and international commissions. A smaller amount comes in the shape of an annual basic allocation from the Research Council of Norway and goes to the development of strategic institute programmes and competence-building.


NIBR offers action-oriented, decision-support research and analyses for clients in the public and private sectors and competes for research contracts in Norway and abroad.


For more information, please visit: http://www.nibr.no/